Molds are microscopic fungi that become visible when clusters of mold spores begin growing on items. They reproduce by sending tiny spores through the air. Molds can be found when ever there are high levels of moisture and humidity both indoors and outdoors.

MOLD – Questions & Answers

When does the mold season usually begin?

Outdoor mold growth intensifies after the spring thaw. The season peaks in late summer to early fall and lasts until the winter months. Mold allergies do not necessary end with the first frost though. Although snow cover significantly lowers the outdoor mold count, it does not completely kill molds. Though most molds become dormant, some molds can grow at subfreezing temperatures. Also, outdoor mold can be present throughout the year in states that have warmer temperatures throughout the year.

Indoor mold can cause allergy symptoms all year long with the correct conditions, such as high humidity levels and high moisture levels.


Where is mold found?

Mold growth occurs in indoor and outdoor areas that are warm, dark, or moist. Main areas where mold growth occurs indoors are in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Main areas where mold growth occurs outdoors are in soil, vegetation, and rotting wood.


How can I prevent mold growth in my home?

Mold thrives in areas that have high humidity levels over 60%. To help prevent the growth of mold in the home keep humidity levels between 30% and 40%. In warmer climates it is helpful to use air conditioners to help lower humidity levels.


Suggested Environmental Controls

  • Use an exhaust fan in the bathroom and kitchen to remove moisture.
  • Vacuum frequently.
  • Empty garbage cans daily.
  • Treat hard surfaces in damp areas frequently with an anti-mold solution such as Allersearch® AllerMold.
  • Treat carpeting and upholstery with allergen neutralizing products such as Allersearch® ADS, Allersearch® X-Mite®, or Allersearch® ADMS.
  • Use of room vaporizers and humidifiers are not recommended increase the level of humidity in rooms. If you must use these items be sure to clean them on a daily basis.


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