WHOLE HOUSE v. Portable Filtration
Why treat just one room when you could improve the air in your entire home?You’ve probably seen the TV commercials and heard the claims – you may have one, two, three or more in your home right now – in your basement, family room or bedrooms. But whether it’s a portable air purifier, humidifier or dehumidifier, the truth is these units just don’t work for anything other than temporary one-room relief.To treat the problem in multiple areas or throughout your entire home, you need to purchase a number of expensive, energy-wasting portable or room units. A better solution to multiple units – an Aprilaire whole-home indoor air quality product. Attached to your central heating and cooling system, they provide superior relief in every room of your home.

Portable Disadvantages:

  • Portables, otherwise known as tabletop or room units, only treat the air in the immediate vicinity of the unit.
  • You need a separate unit for every room, area or level of your home.
  • Portable units often require frequent cleaning and maintenance. Some units, if not properly maintained, may pose a hazard to you and your family’s health. This is often the case with portable humidifiers and dehumidifiers where standing water can pose a health hazard due to biological contaminant growth.
  • Portable units are oftentimes noisy and can be unattractive and obtrusive to your living space.
  • Multiple portable units consume more energy than a single, whole-house solution.

Aprilaire Advantages:

  • Aprilaire whole-home products can treat every room of your home.
  • Aprilaire whole-home solutions require infrequent cleaning and maintenance. Air cleaner filters require changing every 6 months to 2 years depending on the model and how often the unit is run. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers have no standing water and no buckets to clean or empty.
  • Installed directly to your heating and cooling system, whole-home products are installed out-of-sight and away from living spaces working silently and automatically.
  • Every Aprilaire central indoor air quality solution is designed with maximum energy efficiency in mind.